Stand Out With Personalized Garage Doors

May 3rd, 2013

It really is very fortunate that modern times have allowed contemporary takes on a lot of things. For instance, garage doors now have modern designs and styles and can even be created from very unique and contemporary materials. Unlike in the past where designs and materials for garage doors were very limited. These days, people can make a statement with their choice of garage doors. Garage doors have become more than just a door that keeps burglars out. It is now a feature of the home that adds to its market value.

Customized garage doors have become a hit among homeowners and its popularity is fast increasing. Garage door manufacturers are even open to creating garage doors that are mostly based on their customer’s specific tastes and needs. And why not get a personalized garage door? It will surely be one-of-a-kind and you may need to spend a little extra but it will be worth it to have a garage door that is made just for you. In case, you are pondering on the idea of getting personalized garage doors, there are some things that you have to consider.

The beauty of having customized garage doors is that you can have it made in any size that you want. You can always follow the standard sizes for a one-car garage door or a two-car garage door if you desire to do so. However, since you are having it custom-made, the manufacturer will ask you if you prefer a special size for your customized garage door.

The style of your customized garage door can be something that you yourself have designed or you can ask the manufacturer to design one just for your home. The materials used for your garage door will also depend on what you want. So be sure to discuss with the manufacturer what materials you’d like for your personalized garage door. Since you will be having a garage door built and created especially for your home, there is really no limit to the style, design, and materials that you can choose from.

Choosing From Side-Hinged And Sliding Garage Doors

April 17th, 2013

If you are thinking of replacing your garage door, you may want to look into the side-hinged and sliding garage doors. Both types of garaged doors work perfectly well and are beginning to become popular choices among homeowners. 

Hinged doors are popular choices for garage doors because of its basic opening style. These types of doors are bought in pairs and are held by hinges on its sides so that they swing open. The style and operation is very traditional and simple so many homeowners that do not like the complicated garage door systems choose this type. Most hinged garage doors are of wood and this adds to the cozy appearance of the garage door style. Homeowners can paint it or maintain its wood appearance by applying varnish. Handles and locks are the usual accessories for the hinged garage doors and there are so many styles to choose from.  The hinges of this type of garage door can be cleaned and replaced easily. Hinged garage doors are very easy to maintain and generally cost less. These are also simple and very easy to use. The main disadvantage is that you need a wide space in front so that the doors can fully open.

Another popular choice for garaged doors is the sliding garage door. Many homeowners are beginning to appreciate the main advantage of this type of garage door and that is the minimal space that it needs to operate. Usually made from metal, this garage door does not need a wide space in order to function as it just slides to one side to open and slides back again to close.  It is made of a set of panels that are connected. Sliding garage doors can be motorized and can be insulated to provide warmth to the garage. This type of door is more complicated than the hinged garage doors and will need more maintenance and care.

The Top 3 Features That Your Garage Door Must Possess

April 4th, 2013

 A homeowner can get overwhelmed at the many options available for garage doors. There various designs and styles and features and functions that are available in different models of garage doors. However, what features must a homeowner look for when choosing garage doors? With the numerous options , it is quite understandable that one can easily get confused resulting to the purchase of a very pricey garage door that does not suit the homeowner’s needs. To avoid being in that situation, here is a guide to the top features that your garage door must have.

Durability and Material

Often, one factor that homeowners consider when choosing the material for their garage door is the material’s durability. All garage door materials can be durable depending on certain factors. For instance, one among the factors that affect the durability of garage doors is the geographical location of the home. Make sure that you choose the garage door material that is durable for your location. For instance wood garage doors may not be so great for humid, coastal, or tropical places but can be excellent for dry and warm locations. Fiberglass is excellent for a house near the beach. Anyway, the materials that you choose for your garage door should be able to withstand outside elements and the regular daily operation of the garage door.

Appearance and Style

Your garage door can be a great asset to your home. A high quality garage that is both appealing and stylish can do wonders for your home’s overall value. Choose a garage door that has aesthetic value and is complementing your home’s natural beauty.

Features and Functions

Nowadays, modern garage doors have features and functions that are really high-tech. You can avail of garage doors that make use of remotes, sensors; keypads that make use of a security code, and more recently, keypads that do not need codes anymore but will just require the fingerprint of the homeowner. Make sure that your garage door has all the latest security features.



Simple and Easy Garage Door Repair

March 20th, 2013

Garage door repair is not considered a routine to most homeowners. It can be really easy for people who have a lot of experience in repairing one. For those who have little or no idea at all, it could be really hard so it is advisable to leave the issue with the experts. If you think you can do it on your own, always bear in mind the precautions before touching anything on the system. Make sure that you do not unscrew everything because it may lead to any kind of injury or accident and it can even cause death. In this case, you might really call for help from a technician and surely, you will have to pay more than expected.

There are issues that are really easy to deal with. For instance, if you think your garage door is having a high-pitched sound or is inflexible, the door may just need some lubrication and cleaning. For broken or damaged torsion springs, it may really be a daunting task and not everyone knows how to fix it so you just have to call for help then.

Yes, it is true that there are times when all you have to do is clean, replace, lubricate, check and inspect. But all in all, most of the damages on your garage doors are still difficult to do, It is better to seek help from companies that have competent technicians who can repair everything for you in a lesser period of time. It is less risk for you and for your family, right? Try to do some small talks with the technician and make sure that you get some points in some easy tasks so the next time you need help, you can count on yourself. Getting training with the professional technician is better than doing everything by you. In this case, you know that you are guided and that you are learning one step at a time.

Installing A Garage Door of Your Type

March 14th, 2013

If you have a plan to install a garage door to your home, it is expected that you will be encouraged to buy something that is a standard size. If you want to purchase something that is custom made for you, then you rather have to choose steel or wood material. That is the most common material that is used for garage doors that are custom made. If you have a budget on hand, then it is best that you choose the wood material. It is not so expensive compared to the steel one and homeowners can totally customized everything like the color, style and design.

There are a lot of homes that have garage doors that do not have the standard size. Just like many people in your neighborhood, they may also not have the standard size of their main doors. If you have an old home, then it is more likely that you have a non-standard door size. If you want to try to change the actual size of the door frame, that can be possible but if you are being practical, you just have to choose a manufacturer that can give you a custom made garage door which is cheaper and better.

Changing the opening of one’s garage door is also a daunting task. There is so much to do and you would have to expect higher expenses. Imagine the things that you have to buy and the money that you will have to spend for the labor. If you are not ready for all these, then it is better if you choose something that is perfect for you. When ordering or purchasing a garage door, always bear in mind that you have to match it with the style and color that you have for your home.

March 5th, 2013

When we see modern homes these days, we usually see automatic garage doors. People mostly choose these types of garage doors because they find them more convenient to use and install.

When we have problems with our garage doors, it is an instinct to most people to call a professional technician who can repair it for us. However, there are also times when we do not have to do so because the problem may be fixed just by ourselves. There are some little things that homeowners can do to fix their garage doors so we must examine it first before calling the experts. What could be the problem?

The issue may be that your overhead door is not plugged on the opener of the garage door. Someone from the house may have forgotten to hook the socket to its mounting plate. It is best to inspect everything first because it is really a frustrating feeling when you already called the technician to your home knowing that there is just a little issue with your garage door. You may have problems with the electrical system of your garage door and that can happen to anybody too. It may be because there is power shortage or some wires were uncovered, busted, or damaged. There are really issues with automatic garage doors that cannot be fixed by the homeowner but it is best to check everything first before calling for help. You can probably check something that needs to be replaced. Remember that there are many parts of the garage doors that can be bought in a store and these simple parts are not difficult to re-install again. If you see that the appearance of your garage door is no more appealing, then it would also be good if you re-paint it to make it look newer. Get to the bottom of everything before calling a professional garage door technician because there are simple issues that can be fixed right there and then, free of charge.

Instructions For Installing Modern Garage Doors

February 22nd, 2013

Installing modern garage doors may seem more challenging but most homeowners say that it is actually not that difficult. For people that have been doing DIY installations, the background knowledge and experience may come in handy. Here are some guidelines to follow for installing modern garage doors.

Torsion Springs

Before doing anything, you have to know what kind of springs your modern garage door has. There is a kind of spring that is quite dangerous for non-experts to handle and that is the torsion springs. If this is the kind of spring that your modern garage door uses, you may want to forget about installing it by yourself. It is best to let the professional garage door installers to do this job as it can prove to be very dangerous without expert skills and knowledge.

Follow the Instructions Carefully

These modern garage doors come with manuals from the manufacturers on how to handle and install safely. If you are installing the door by yourself, then you should read the manual first and try to understand all instructions before starting with each step of the task. Make sure that you follow all of the instructions down to the last details because these are very important. Never take any step or detail for granted as it could result to injuries or damages to your garage door.

Call A Friend

As they say, all tasks are easier with a helping hand. It can be difficult to carry a garage door by yourself or to secure it in place for installation. Obviously, you will need the help of at least two people.

Don’t Rush

Installing a garage door is not easy, especially for non-professionals. Even professional garage door installers don’t rush with the task. The installation of a modern garage door is very technical and extra care must be exercised for every step to make sure that all things are in place correctly, safely and securely.

Commercial Garage Doors

February 6th, 2013

Every business can benefit from an excellent commercial garage door. Although many people might not notice the garage doors of buildings and offices, the main purpose of garage doors for commercial use is very important. So what makes a good commercial garage door?

Commercial garage doors may become damaged easily as it can really take a beating from daily use. This is the reason why commercial garage doors need to be top quality so that it can withstand the daily rigors of operating a business.

Here are the qualities of a good commercial garage door:


Needless to say, every wise businessman will need to choose the best quality materials for his business. He will also select the most durable garage door as this will serve as protection for his business. There are numerous garage door manufacturers that sell commercial garage doors that have already been performance-tested. These doors are also safety-tested to ensure that all customers of the business are accident-free. These are very important qualities of a commercial garage door as a business can suffer a lot if its customers should experience a mishap in connection to a malfunctioning garage door.


The style of your commercial garage door should match the line of your business. It should be able to suit your business needs. For instance, a furniture store must have a wider garage door to accommodate bigger vehicles used for delivery. There is also the option of choosing the insulated and non-insulated commercial garage doors depending on what the garage is used for.

There is also the aesthetic value to consider when choosing a commercial garage door for your business. Image is very important in business and a beautiful garage door can make a lot of difference.

If you are unsure about what commercial garage door to get, do a research of the best styles and even the providers. You can get a good idea of what commercial garage door is best for your business.


Garage Doors – Improving Homes Everywhere

January 23rd, 2013

If you have a garage, it is comforting to know that your important items are safe and that your vehicles are protected from weather conditions. In place such as Florida, your vehicle is safe from its body and paint being affected by the sun. In New York, your car is protected from the snow. In some houses, the garage offer another entry point into the home, or even serve as the primary form of entry. For these reasons, they should always be kept safe and secured. These entry points also keep unwanted individuals out of your home. Make sure that your garage door is always in working condition. This is for your own safety and security.

Make sure to take a look at your garage door, or have a professional look at it, if you notice anything strange about its functioning. Listen for strange noises and watch to make sure that it opens and closes as it should. It should not, for example, become stuck while trying to open or close. Its operation should be smooth and consistent. A malfunctioning garage door can allow intruders to enter your home. It can even cause physical damage to a person trying to enter or leave the garage. A malfunctioning garage door is dangerous for children, too. Make sure your garage door works as it should – it should allow easy entrance into your home for you and your family, it should look great and it should be easy to operate.

Your garage door brings a great deal of visual appeal to your home. People walking down the street in your neighborhood are sure to notice if you have a lovely garage door. With all of the different styles and materials available, you are sure to find one that really matches your home and adds some curb appeal to it. Garage doors really do improve the overall look of the home.

Troubleshooting Your Garage Door Opener

January 11th, 2013

What will happen if your garage door opener does not function well? Well, of course, the door will not function as it should. You have to make sure that it works out fine all the time. Not all people know how to fix or troubleshoot a garage door opener, and so this article will teach you the basics.

First, let us discover the specific issue that we encounter with our garage door opener. We have to make sure that we know why or what is the reason why it is not working well. The opener may fail to respond to us, the door might have problems when we need to close it, the garage may not open but when we check the motor, it is running, and many more.

We have to take note that we are operating a material that is electronic, and so we need to check the batteries in the first place. There are some motor tests that we can also do, or we can check the alignment of all the parts of the garage door.

If you think that the opener is unresponsive, you have to make sure that the cords are plugged carefully into their base and that there is nothing wrong with the entire cord. You can try to fix it all first, and try to operate again to see if it is already working. Loose connections may also be an issue. If you think that the motor is running but the door fails to open or close, then there may be problems with the chain drive sprocket. If you think there is nothing wrong with it, then it would be best to consult a professional repair person. He would be able to tell you first-hand what the problem is, and the next time you encounter such a problem, you would already know how to handle it.