Install A Weather Seal Under Your Garage Door

July 26th, 2013

Garage doors often need protection since they are a means through which the garage is protected. A weather seal allows the space between the bottom of the garage door and the floor to be sealed so that rain, snow, water and mud do not enter into the garage. The following steps outline how you can install a weather seal yourself.

The first step is to lift the garage door and leave it at a height where you can comfortably install the seal. The next step is to remove any old seals if they are in place and remove remnants like nails and staples. If they cannot be removed, hammer them in the garage door so that they do not interfere with the new weather seal.

Using sandpaper, smooth the bottom of the garage door and cover it with a wood preservative with a paintbrush. Then, take the weather seal and measure it along the length of the bottom of the garage door. If there are any ragged ends of weather-stripping material, it can be cut off using a pair of scissors. Do not trim the seal to size just yet.

Then, place the seal at the bottom and make sure that the excess material is placed inside the door so that if the door moves, it does not get caught between it. Once the seal has been placed in position, begin stapling it with a staple-gun. Ensure that the strip is close to the roller bracket at the bottom. Continue stapling along the length of the strip, keeping a distance of three inches between each staple. Once a foot to the door end is left, cut it down to size, removing the excess material, and then staple it in place till the end.

To secure the piece further, nails should be inserted in between the staples. The end of the strip should then be attached to the two roller brackets at the bottom by which the cable of the door is operated.

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