Different Types of Garage Door Seals

July 19th, 2013

Garage door seals are an ideal barrier to seal the bottom of the garage door. Not only do these seals prevent the garage against unfavourable weather, they also cushion the door when it hits the floor while closing. There are various kinds of garage door weather seals.

Foam weather seals are very common. They are mostly used for garage doors that are made of wood. The foam seal is not foam but is a rubber which is slightly spongy. A foam weather seal is a cheap option as a weather seal and is usually used when new garage doors are installed. The rubber weather seal is usually flat and has an angle that goes beyond the garage door. Rubber seals are easy to install as well as they just need to be secured to the bottom of the garage door with roofing nails.

Hard rubber weather seals are also an option but are better for wooden garage doors. Because they are stronger, they are also more durable. Since these are hard rubber seals, they will not stick to the floor when the weather is cold. Hard and foam rubber weather seals come in different sizes but they can be cut to the required size by scissors.

T-bulb weather seals are usually slid into the bottom of the garage door through the aluminum channel that runs at the bottom of the garage door. T-bulb seals are available in rubber as well as vinyl. In order to insert the seal, the t-bulb weather seal is shaped into a ā€œuā€ in order for the edges to be easily inserted into the channel and then straightened out.

Another form of a weather seal is a threshold seal. This kind of seal can be attached directly to bottom edge of the garage door. These seals are ideal for garages that have a slope that bends towards the garage. Threshold seals act as a barrier against rain or water seepage into the garage and these seals are the second protection once the garage door is shut.

According to your needs and requirement, you can choose a weather seal that suits them best.

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