All About Garage Door Seals

July 10th, 2013

The Different Garage Door Seals

How much do you know about garage door seals? What kind of seals are you using? Garage door seals are available in three kinds. The first one is the one made from polyurethane and it is permanently bonded to the garage door. This type of garage door seal can fit over the track of the garage door and seals the door effectively when the door closes.

Another kind of garage door seal is made from metal or fiber. This type of garage door seal can be installed at the bottom of the door by using screws. Seals of this kind can be adjustable; however, many homeowners have commented that this kind of garage door seal does not last very long.

The third kind of garage door seal is hose-like in appearance and is fitted at the base of the door. It offers a very firm seal and is attached with the use of epoxy. The disadvantage is that this seals often becomes damaged by direct sunlight.

Make Your Seal Last Longer

Your garage door seal can actually last for a long time especially if you know how to preserve it.

  1. In order to have a permanently waterproofed garage door seal, apply over it another polyurethane seal. This will help to make your garage door seal snug and helps even out potholed garage floors.
  2. Choose seals that are permanently bonded as they have proven to provide tighter seals.
  3. Use a rubber protection over your garage door seal to offer some shield against the strong rays of the sun.

Ask For Professional Help

Garage door repair and installation services can give you more information about garage door seals and other garage door concerns. Ask a the local garage services about the best seals available to suit your needs.

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