The Three Easiest Ways To Reinforce Your Garage Door

June 28th, 2013

Your garage door can be unsafe at the moment but you can do something to make it a much safer structure in your home. A simple reinforcement to your garage door can really help improve the security and the safety that your garage door provides. Do these simple steps and have some peace of mind knowing that your garage door is reinforced for safety.

1.  Buy and install a new door.

If you want a safe and secure garage door, buy and install a new door. New garage doors will not need reinforcements as it is in top condition. If your garage door has been with you for a very long time, perhaps, you should consider parting with it to ensure the safety of your family and your vehicle. Old doors, faulty doors, damaged doors must be replaced as soon as possible to prevent accidents.

2.  Reinforce the garage door by putting braces on the frame.

If buying a new door is not an option, your next best option is to reinforce your garage door. Especially if you live in areas that are prone to earthquakes, typhoons, and other natural disasters, you may want to add braces to the frame of your garage door. This will add strength to the door frame. Remember to check the door frame itself. If the frame is not secure, then the braces will be useless so make certain that the frame that will be braced is also sturdy. Vertical and horizontal braces made of steel can be used.

3.  Make use of triangles.

Support your garage door with triangles made of plywood or steel. Triangles have been used in many structures due to its strength.

Your garage door must be kept in the best condition possible. Call the professional garage door services anytime and ask them to inspect your garage door system for you. They can also offer other advice on how to take care of your garage door.

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