Keep Your Garage Door Panels In Mint Condition

June 14th, 2013

Among the parts of the garage door, the panels are the ones that often get damaged first. It can be the thrashing that it takes from the daily opening and closing of the garage door or it can be due to another reason. But whatever the reason for damages in your garage door panels, you will need to replace them. When you inspect the panels in your garage door, you may notice that not all of the panels can be damaged. It can be just a couple or more and in that case, you can economize by replacing only these parts and not all of the panels in your garage door. But it is really up to you since replacing only the damaged ones will entail more work such as repainting the whole set and if you are a very busy person, that task can be worst than paying a little more to have all of the panels replaced. Nevertheless, there are ways to maintain your garage door panels without spending too much money.

Did you know that your garage door has a one year warranty and that all parts of your garage door are covered? In some cases, the garage door manufacturers give separate warranty for special parts of the garage door. So check your garage door warranty and find out if you can have your panels replaced by the manufacturers for free or for a discounted amount.

Another helpful piece of information to know about garage door panels is the fact that they are exclusively made by the manufacturers, especially the old models of garage doors. Newer garage doors have available parts that can be bought anywhere but the old model garage door parts will need to be ordered from the company that made the door.

Finally, it seems too much trouble to do all this and you can just do a DIY garage door panel replacement by yourself. It will save you the time and money too.

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