The Cheapest And Most Effective Garage Door Insulation Materials

May 14th, 2013

Is your garage door already insulated? Garage door insulation is a really wise decision made by most homeowners as it brings great advantages. Installing garage door insulation can help prevent the entrance of air, moisture, and insects to your garage and into your home. The garage door insulation also works as sound insulation making your garage sound proof. With the use of effective garage door insulation materials, you are sealing off your garage from outdoor elements.

If you are planning to insulate your garage door, you should pick out the best materials for the insulation. Among the best options for insulation materials is the foam board. The foam board is a tried and tested material that has been used to absorb sound and effectively seal off edges. An interesting combination with aluminum foil creates an insulation material that is more durable and gives better results.

Foam Boards

Foam boards are very cheap and can be availed of easily as it is sold in almost every kind of shop. Foam boards, when used as a garage door insulation material, can add to the strength of the garage door. The foam boards are firm and rigid so it can add to the power of the garage door. This insulation material can be used for all kinds of garage door materials such as wood, metal, fiberglass, and plastics.

Aluminum Foil

It is quite interesting that the combination of foam boards and aluminum foil creates the best insulation materials for your garage door. The foam boards will absorb the sound and the aluminum provides thermal regulation. A garage door that has been lined with foam boards and aluminum foil can benefit from warmth on cold days and coolness in warm weather.

Other Insulation Materials

Polyurethane and other plastic materials are also popular choices for garage door insulation. These are also very effective but can be more expensive than foam boards and aluminum foil.

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