Choosing From Side-Hinged And Sliding Garage Doors

April 17th, 2013

If you are thinking of replacing your garage door, you may want to look into the side-hinged and sliding garage doors. Both types of garaged doors work perfectly well and are beginning to become popular choices among homeowners. 

Hinged doors are popular choices for garage doors because of its basic opening style. These types of doors are bought in pairs and are held by hinges on its sides so that they swing open. The style and operation is very traditional and simple so many homeowners that do not like the complicated garage door systems choose this type. Most hinged garage doors are of wood and this adds to the cozy appearance of the garage door style. Homeowners can paint it or maintain its wood appearance by applying varnish. Handles and locks are the usual accessories for the hinged garage doors and there are so many styles to choose from.  The hinges of this type of garage door can be cleaned and replaced easily. Hinged garage doors are very easy to maintain and generally cost less. These are also simple and very easy to use. The main disadvantage is that you need a wide space in front so that the doors can fully open.

Another popular choice for garaged doors is the sliding garage door. Many homeowners are beginning to appreciate the main advantage of this type of garage door and that is the minimal space that it needs to operate. Usually made from metal, this garage door does not need a wide space in order to function as it just slides to one side to open and slides back again to close.  It is made of a set of panels that are connected. Sliding garage doors can be motorized and can be insulated to provide warmth to the garage. This type of door is more complicated than the hinged garage doors and will need more maintenance and care.

The Top 3 Features That Your Garage Door Must Possess

April 4th, 2013

 A homeowner can get overwhelmed at the many options available for garage doors. There various designs and styles and features and functions that are available in different models of garage doors. However, what features must a homeowner look for when choosing garage doors? With the numerous options , it is quite understandable that one can easily get confused resulting to the purchase of a very pricey garage door that does not suit the homeowner’s needs. To avoid being in that situation, here is a guide to the top features that your garage door must have.

Durability and Material

Often, one factor that homeowners consider when choosing the material for their garage door is the material’s durability. All garage door materials can be durable depending on certain factors. For instance, one among the factors that affect the durability of garage doors is the geographical location of the home. Make sure that you choose the garage door material that is durable for your location. For instance wood garage doors may not be so great for humid, coastal, or tropical places but can be excellent for dry and warm locations. Fiberglass is excellent for a house near the beach. Anyway, the materials that you choose for your garage door should be able to withstand outside elements and the regular daily operation of the garage door.

Appearance and Style

Your garage door can be a great asset to your home. A high quality garage that is both appealing and stylish can do wonders for your home’s overall value. Choose a garage door that has aesthetic value and is complementing your home’s natural beauty.

Features and Functions

Nowadays, modern garage doors have features and functions that are really high-tech. You can avail of garage doors that make use of remotes, sensors; keypads that make use of a security code, and more recently, keypads that do not need codes anymore but will just require the fingerprint of the homeowner. Make sure that your garage door has all the latest security features.