Instructions For Installing Modern Garage Doors

February 22nd, 2013

Installing modern garage doors may seem more challenging but most homeowners say that it is actually not that difficult. For people that have been doing DIY installations, the background knowledge and experience may come in handy. Here are some guidelines to follow for installing modern garage doors.

Torsion Springs

Before doing anything, you have to know what kind of springs your modern garage door has. There is a kind of spring that is quite dangerous for non-experts to handle and that is the torsion springs. If this is the kind of spring that your modern garage door uses, you may want to forget about installing it by yourself. It is best to let the professional garage door installers to do this job as it can prove to be very dangerous without expert skills and knowledge.

Follow the Instructions Carefully

These modern garage doors come with manuals from the manufacturers on how to handle and install safely. If you are installing the door by yourself, then you should read the manual first and try to understand all instructions before starting with each step of the task. Make sure that you follow all of the instructions down to the last details because these are very important. Never take any step or detail for granted as it could result to injuries or damages to your garage door.

Call A Friend

As they say, all tasks are easier with a helping hand. It can be difficult to carry a garage door by yourself or to secure it in place for installation. Obviously, you will need the help of at least two people.

Don’t Rush

Installing a garage door is not easy, especially for non-professionals. Even professional garage door installers don’t rush with the task. The installation of a modern garage door is very technical and extra care must be exercised for every step to make sure that all things are in place correctly, safely and securely.

Commercial Garage Doors

February 6th, 2013

Every business can benefit from an excellent commercial garage door. Although many people might not notice the garage doors of buildings and offices, the main purpose of garage doors for commercial use is very important. So what makes a good commercial garage door?

Commercial garage doors may become damaged easily as it can really take a beating from daily use. This is the reason why commercial garage doors need to be top quality so that it can withstand the daily rigors of operating a business.

Here are the qualities of a good commercial garage door:


Needless to say, every wise businessman will need to choose the best quality materials for his business. He will also select the most durable garage door as this will serve as protection for his business. There are numerous garage door manufacturers that sell commercial garage doors that have already been performance-tested. These doors are also safety-tested to ensure that all customers of the business are accident-free. These are very important qualities of a commercial garage door as a business can suffer a lot if its customers should experience a mishap in connection to a malfunctioning garage door.


The style of your commercial garage door should match the line of your business. It should be able to suit your business needs. For instance, a furniture store must have a wider garage door to accommodate bigger vehicles used for delivery. There is also the option of choosing the insulated and non-insulated commercial garage doors depending on what the garage is used for.

There is also the aesthetic value to consider when choosing a commercial garage door for your business. Image is very important in business and a beautiful garage door can make a lot of difference.

If you are unsure about what commercial garage door to get, do a research of the best styles and even the providers. You can get a good idea of what commercial garage door is best for your business.